Yo wassup. lets be weird together

Alicia. 16. i really love it when you talk to me

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Photo no label that was used on the album cover “Reflection” x


    Tour Bus Situation

  • Tour bus: Lauren and Brad
  • Me: Bruh...They're just hanging out.
  • Tour bus: Camila and Austin
  • Me: Bruh...They're just friends. They're just hanging out.
  • Tour bus: Lauren and Camila
  • Me: OMFG...They're having sex on the bus!


Lauren reblogged these one after another. Maybe it’s just me but do those people in the picture look a little like camila and austin

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Just a normal conversation between two members of Fifth Harmony talking about.. Fifth Harmony

Lauren + wind

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Anonymous asked: "fifth harmony have worked twice as hard as 5sos" ya it must be so exhausting being an opening act all the time :(((( at least 5sos can get their own tour & have more than 7 songs


as if 5sos hasn’t been 1d opening act 2 times in a row??? seriously??? 5h have headlined 4 tours small theater tours, yes small tours (just like 5sos started and where they would probably still be performing without 1d help oops) but their own tours and we’re so proud of it. exactly! 5h have come this far without an album out and fighting with teeth and nails in an industry where everything is handed to men in a silver platter, how awesome is that? lol

Here’s something interesting for you all:


Please read if you have the time, it’s pretty important:

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I love ally’s part in them girls be like

I loved Dinah’s part in BO$$

I love Lauren’s part in We Know

I now realize that those comments were sarcasm and that I’m stupid